Online Booking

The Man International Show :
The Man International Show is a visual spectacular of fire throwing, gymnastics, fantasy themed dancing, colourful costumes and incredible music strung together with hilarious fun and games for the ladies.
The show is hosted by Damon Beard from East Coast Radio.
The show can run with no interval, or provision can be made for the inclusion of an interval (although it's not recommended)
Show duration: Approximately 90 minutes.
Cost: Dependent on venue location and requirements (please complete the booking form below for a quotation)

Hens Nights and Private Parties :
Are you arranging a Hen’s Night or birthday party? Why not spice it up with a surprise visit by our gents who’ll arrive at your venue and make it a party to remember!
When booking a Hen’s Night or Private Party – we ask you to please choose any TWO gents in the team
We will do all we can to accommodate your request (subject to availability)
Show duration: Approximately 50 minutes
Cost: dependent on venue location (please complete the booking form below for a quotation)